Navagation Class

Come join us for an incredibly helpful class on finding your way back. Or there for that matter. If you’ve been underwater and looked around thinking “Now where was that anchor chain?” this is the class for you! The practical dives will be at Lake of the Woods finding sunken punkins on Saturday the 13th. Please call ahead to reserve your space as the class is limited. This is THE best Navigation class of the year. How many people can say that they have had to track SUNKIN PUNKINS?! Instructed by Bryan Saint Germain

DAN Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

Join Dave Cook and Rogue Aquatics for this class that everyone should take. This will make you a much safer and more confident diver. Learn the animals that are both beautiful and amazing in form and function, and their various defense mechanisms. This class is $79

DAN Demp Class

This is a combination of 4 Dan classes. CPR/First Aid, O2, Hazardous marine life injures, Neural exam.