Pool Parties

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Looking for a Different Kind of Birthday Bash?

How about a Swimming Pool Party?

If you are looking for an easy birthday party, look no further!  You can reserve our indoor, 86 degree, swimming pool for your private use!  We have a large, island themed, area upstairs.  We will set up the tables and chairs and have it ready when you arrive.  We provide the plates, cups and cutlery, and balloons.  You provide the snacks or cake and ice cream.  Bring your own suits, towels and goggles and toys (within reason).  A certified Lifeguard will facilitate your party both upstairs and at the pool.  You will enjoy approximately 1/2 hour upstairs for celebration and then 1 1/2 hours in the pool   There is no age limit and you can have up to 25 swimmers.  Parents are encouraged to get in as well.  Anytime of the year is perfect for a swim party!  We typically do parties on Saturday  from 1:00 – 3:00 PM.  The cost is $300.00  Please call and schedule your party date at least 2 weeks in advance.



Scuba Parties

Looking for a Different Kind of Birthday Bash? Need some quiet time?

Make your child’s next birthday exciting and memorable! A Scuba Party offers a unique adventure for children ages 10 and over. We provide all of the necessary equipment and certified scuba diving instructors to safely introduce your children to the wonders of scuba diving! Our limit for this type of party is 6 children. As with our swimming parties the families will spend 1/2 hour upstairs in our party room and then 1 1/2 hours in the pool, on scuba. Upstairs we provide the plates, cups, cutlery, and balloons. You provide the snacks or the cake and ice cream. One of our scuba instructors or lifeguards will facilitate your party upstairs and on the pool deck. The cost is $400.00

“This is the quietest birthday party I’ve ever been to!” says one of the moms. You’ve gotta love it!