Recent Training Dives, Lost Creek Lake

Outstanding open water dive training day yesterday (Wed Mar 13)!

We were ar Lost Creek Lake. Air temps 70, water temps 45, viz 6 feet.

Brrrrr, yes?

But both myself and my very astute student were drysuited! We had a great time, mellow surface intervals, a good late lunch afterwards at Miguel’s in Shady Cove. Kudos to David M. for putting in the extra effort to get drysuit training before OWD dives. And the very best to him and his daughter for their upcoming Hawaii dive trip!


Rick Johnston

Rick has over thirty years diving experience and over one thousand dives. He has explored beneath the waves of the Atlantic, Pacific and the Caribbean, as a sport diver, archeologist and salvage expert. He began teaching Scuba Diving with S.S.I. in 2007 and holds an Advanced Open Water Dive Instructor Rating, which means he can introduce you to safe diving and teach specialty dive skills, such as Nitrox, Wreck, Night and Deep Diving. Wreck Diving is one of his favorite adventures. He hopes you can join him for the adventure of a lifetime exploring the warm waters of the Florida Keys, Spring of 2013.


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Nicole Johnson

My name is Nicole, and this is how I started SCUBA Diving.


I had always wanted to try it but never given diving in Oregon much thought, so I called “Rogue Scuba” to get more information. They convinced me to go down to the dive shop; I left later that day with my snorkel package and class schedule.


Returning for my classes in the following weeks I quickly became friends with most of the employees, when one day I became an employee myself.


Shorty after, I got certified and started diving with the shop and some frequent customers around the area, it was a lot of fun my favorite spot immediately became Illinois River at the “Swinging Bridge” with 70 degree water and 30 feet visibility. The Smith River was a close second; they showed me dive spots (or swim holes) that I never knew existed.


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Eric Boone

I began snorkeling around the age of 9, at the family cottage on a lake in North Eastern Indiana. I  would float for so many hours I was often sun burned. At the age of 14 I constructed my first hookah system and explored the Oregon rivers. I was certified open water at Eugene Skin Divers in 1985. I can truly say I love the water! Besides scuba I have a passion for all things aquatic. Rafting, power boating, sailing and many, Many more.   Eric


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Brian Horn

I grew up in the Philippines, Bahrain, and Hawaii. I learned to love the water at an early age due to the heat and wonderful oceans in these locations. I spent most of my time (thanks to mom) in the water. At a young age, I achieved many Red Cross swimming certifications and began free diving and spear fishing. After moving to California when I was 14, I didn’t go into the water for nearly a year. I misunderstood the lack of clarity and cold water to be pollution, and I ost interest. Once I learned that this was normal for this part of the world, I began


I have been diving since 1999. I was certified in San Diego and completed my open water dives at San Clemente Island. Shortly after certification, I went to work at one of many local dive shops in the area. After purchasing my first set of SCUBA equipment, other shop employees, customers, and I went diving every night after work. I quickly advanced in ability and


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Kathy Zuk

I began my aquatics career about 30 some years ago. I teach swimming and lifeguarding, coach competitive swimming, and teach water fitness classes. I became a dive control specialist in 2000. The best diving of my life . . . a week with both of my sons in BC! Spectacular! My husband Ted and I have a small farm with a couple of horses, two awesome donkeys, some goats and chickens, and our faithful dog Zeke. In our spare time we enjoy hiking and fishing.


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Bryan Saint Germain

I learned to dive late in life and never looked back. Well, occasionally, to check on my buddy. I’ve dived on six continents, and actually once went swimming in the seventh (Antarctica).


After a thousand dives, most of my diving is now local or West-Coastal, often with students and former students. I teach everything from snorkeling to the Assistant Instructor course. My SSI ratings include Master Instructor and Platinum Instructor.



My favorite cold-water sites are in British Columbia, Canada (in particular, the wrecks off Nanaimo and the wall dives in Browning Pass). My all-time favorite warm-water dives were in the Seychelles (in the Indian Ocean), but that’s another story and a long one. Ask me about that sometime, during a surface interval.




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