Has it been some months, or even years, since your last dive? Recapture that original feeling of confidence before your upcoming dive trip. Review the skills you learned in your Open Water Diver course.

Knowledge. An Instructor or Assistant Instructor will review the most important points from your Open Water Diver course. And you’ll be able to talk openly about your experiences, your strengths, and your needs.

Skills. In our warm indoor saline pool you’ll review skills you learned in your open water diver course and learn what (if any) changes have been made to the core skills. We aim to renew your knowledge, your motor skills, and your situational awareness–all of which contribute to increased confidence and relaxation.

Equipment. The scuba skills refresher is a great opportunity to re-learn your current equipment, or the perfect time to learn about new gear choices with the guidance of a dive leader.

Check out the RAID website for a list of the core skills, and call us to schedule a refresher at your convenience!