What is Scuba?

Floating beneath the surface of the water, suspended free of gravity, able to move in any direction with little more than a thought, taking it slow and seeing marvels big and small.

Our Scuba Programs include teaching scuba, leading local dives, and leading dive trips to exotic locations.

Already a Diver? Directions to our local dive sites are located here.

Need a dive buddy? We have a Buddy Board page on this website. If you want to be listed there, grab this form and email us with those details. We’ll post it to the board! And you can also visit our facebook page and post to that yourself.

Want to Learn? If you’re interested in learning to dive, we invite you to click here to learn more about our scuba training programs. Discover a new world, enjoy the freedom of gliding weightlessly through the open water, experience new adventures, and explore seldom-seen worlds.

Want to Learn More? After Open Water Diver, you have a wide choice of advanced courses open to you. If you haven’t been diving in a while, you can get in the pool one-on-one with an instructor for a scuba skills refesher.